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Friday, June 16, 2006


i've always been very interested in this thing called the "emergent" church. i've been intrigued by the "new" directions (i put that in quotations because really all this "new" stuff is just an pdated throwback to early church practise) that some of the innovators have been trying out. i'm not all that creative a guy on my own, so having other people's ideas to build off of helps me out greatly.

but i've always been troubled by the rift that seems to be present between the emergents and the traditional established churches. for some reason there seems to be a tension between the old cronies that push hard against change (according to some - not all - emergent voices) and the egocentric push to throw the baby out with the baptism water (according to established church voices). as someone who works at an established church and is trying to see change and movement happen here, i have to admit that i've often felt stifled by the slow burning hearts of the people surrounding me.

maybe if the emergents could see the hard work that people like my church pastor are trying to do to move the church and the kingdom forward they wouldn't be so hardline about "denominational agendas" and "keeping the status quo". if there's anything i've discovered there is a bigger desire for change within established church leadership than we realize. for some reason the momentum gets bogged down in the same thing that the emergent church prides itself so much in - conversation.

and maybe if the established guys (including myself) could see the good intentions and (sometimes) over-exuberant efforts that emergents put forward in an effort to "at least try something" there would be a little more understanding. i guess what i'm really saying here is that both sides could probably move, maybe even more substantially then even i want to admit.

the issue is really the kingdom isn't it? Jesus was all about it. its the one thing he preached more than anything else. salvation is nice, but the focus on the kingdom and all things (even salvation?) will be added unto you. maybe we all get bogged down in our "either/or" thinking when most of the time "both/and" applies nicely. i hate living in grey as much as the next guy, but sometimes neither black nor white are very good options.

so in the mean time i'll pay homage to those that have gone before, honoring them for their time and energy, because without them, i wouldn't be able to do what i do (whatever that is). and i'll look forward with the "new" thoughts and creativity of those around me (or at least online) and build some different things with them. either way, Jesus is where we're headed.


Fred said...

Well said - you have a group grasp of both sides. Wouldn't it be nice if there weren't sides!?

Tammy Jach (Colburn) said...

This has nothing to do with what you just wrote but I wanted to wish you a Happy 1st Father's Day to you Jeremy!!:)

Naythan said...

Don't know if this is knew to you, but it's great listening...