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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

haven't posted in a while, but still goin at it

the oilers are looking horrible, brazil opened their world cup defending run with a win, and i've been too "busy" the last week to come on and write something here. so here goes...

today i was out at our church's camp. we're building a new dining hall out there, and today we were lining up the trusses for the roof. it went pretty well. it amazes me how much time that group of people called our camp committee puts into making the camp a great place for kids and their families. not to mention how fun it is working with power tools, hammers, and planks of wood fastened together into peices big enough to crush you.

i'm still trying to figure a few things out about direction and how it all works out in a practical way. i've recruited 3 guys to help me plot out the picture that i get in the back of my head into a plan of action. but i have the feeling that the first thing i need to do is pull back a little bit. i think i'm too busy.

i can't help but feel like there's a lot of expectation for something great to be happening. but i wonder if the expectation is more mine than it is anything else. by that i mean that the feeling is just that, a feeling. but how do you ignore a "feeling" when a lot of the time, it's all you've got to go on. and more than that, how do you tell that the feeling is right or not.

so, these are the thoughts in my head right now. God is good, and the countdown is on to Sr. High camp. well, i'm not sure how many days exactly, but it's coming at the end of the month. i'm very excited for it, there's still a few details to get together, but i think it'll work out great. i still need a couple of leaders but i think i'll be able to find them fine, and i think that God will be seen.


Courtney said...

The Clusters got torn down at Pine Lake this weekend. I have no idea when they're rebuilding those, haha.

GP Jenn said...

you're doing a great job my love. Keep up the good work. But I agree, it wouldn't hurt to slow down a bit. looking forward to Saturday. Love you tons.

Fred said...

God is always good Jeremy and confidence in Him is a sigh of trust.