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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Worship Reflections

Today was awesome!!! Alan is an amazing speaker as it is, but today was a HOME RUN. Sometimes, we joke at the office about the fortunes of someone who has to speak one week in his place. Really its like trying to paint a picture right next to Michaelangelo. The guy is a gifted preacher, and he knows his congregation better than he knows himself. I love the opportunity that I have to work alongside of him and learn from him.

This morning we had our Youth worship team leading the congregation in worship. They did an amazing job. I didn't like the fact that we had asked them to do both services on one day (mainly because we don't ask anyone else to do it, and asking anyone to serve 5 hours on a day that is as intense as a Sunday is tough even for a seasoned veteran), but I think God showed himself in those kids today. The people were blessed.

The theme was "Living Beyond Myself" and we talked about putting others before ourselves, and making sacrifices in the "little" things of our lives to show others that they are more important than us. It means that in an economy like Grande Prairie's, people may have to give up overtime or an important chance at a contract in order to take the time to serve someone. But I think the highlight for me was seeing the congregation challenged with showing others that they are more important than them, and being led in worship by a group of teenagers who had never led worship before.

I'm an atmosphere guy, and I love to see the "hidden messages" that we communicate in the little things we do and how we do them. Sometimes, even when we speak a message we really don't back it up with the way we communicate it. But today I was extremely proud of our church. I think God is in the middle of leading us into something very special. I can't wait to see what happens.

No baby yet, we're still waiting, and still praying...

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Bettyanne said...

I'm so proud of you Jeremy how you've grown.
Love Mudder