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Monday, April 24, 2006

Waiting, Walking, and a New Car Seat

Well, here we are now a full day overdue. Jenn's handling it well though. I think she's frustrated and ready for things to start rolling. I think that we both are. We checked out some prices on sheds for our backyard, walked about 40 minutes during that, and then went for another 40 minute walk tonight, after I took a whipping at a game of Dice. I think I'd just like to get life on the move here. I kinda feel like things are in limbo right now. I can't really make any serious plans for anything, and any plans I do make have to have the old "just in case" attached to them. I much prefer being able to simply go about things.

We put the base for the car seat in today. Other than that the only real exciting thing that happened was wrapped up in raking the lawn. I guess we're learning patience right now. Trouble is we're so excited to find out who the little person is inside of my wife's belly. Tomorrow's coming, we'll see what happens.


GP Jenn said...

well i guess we have different opinions about today. Too funny.

Desiree said...

You think you life is in limbo now? Just wait. JK. It is amazing but soooo different, so don't plan on being anywhere on time once he/she arrives.