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Saturday, April 22, 2006

No baby yet

Well, still no baby yet. Jenn's still pregnant. We haven't gone to the hospital yet either. Jenn's still just having irregular contractions. We'd like to go now, but things don't exactly run on my time.

We were at a bbq tonight for a friend. He's been here for a few months taking some courses at the local college. He's trying to become a millwrite, and he's become a good friend in his time here. I'm hoping he's able to come back after a short time. He's going back home to help his family with seeding on their farm. Then the plan is for him to come back and find himself some work and an apprenticeship. Hopefully things'll work out and he'll be able to make the move here that he wants to make.

This whole waiting thing is tough. Jenn's getting frustrated with the waiting, and so am I. I think we're both just ready for the baby to arrive. It's a strange thing waiting when you've got something scheduled to happen. You're excitement builds and as the event gets closer you can time yourself to get ready for the big moment when things happen. With this, it's different. You don't have a schedult to run by, and so you don't wuite know when to get excited and when not to. Just one of the life lessons I guess people need to learn...

Well, like I said, we'll let you know when it happens. Complete with name and the usual details.


GP Jenn said...

This baby is taking after it's daddy. Stuborn. JK. Love you babe

GP Jenn said...

This baby is taking after it's daddy. Stuborn. JK. Love you babe

Bettyanne said...

Jeremy is this Baby taking after you??
Love u
Mudder xoxoxoxo

Desiree said...

All in good time. Unfortunately whether you are ready or not, he/she will come when he/she is ready. The great thing, is that it is definetely worth the wait.