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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Casting a Vision that's Catchy

For those of you wondering, no baby yet. Jenn's still at home, and she's a little sick (with a cold). But other than that, things are still going the same as they've been. Baby is now 4 days overdue.

Tonight I met with a Young Adult Bible Study. I would call this group a "core" group of people that can be a catalyst group in making things happen in our church amongst this age group. Our Senior Minsiter joined us to do some vision casting. You see our church is thinking of the future and our options as far as expansion and growth. I can see the picture so clearly in my head that he casts, but I struggle with communicating that picture to other people in a way that captivates them. Somehow the words get muddled up on the way out.

I think that our church has an amazing opportunity to transform our city, and the hope of that transformation rests with our Young Adults. We could easily see 300 young adults come to know who Christ is and discover the plans and passions of their lives. And they could easily change the lives of people not just here in Grande Prairie, but all around the world. Places like Africa, and Zambia, and Nepal, and any number of areas around the world could benefit from this group of people.

Our church also has some excellent potential in the area of Children's Ministry. I think I've mentioned here before that our city has more children under the age of five (per capita) than any other city in at least Western Canada. With the booming economy here, there are a number of young families moving here. And there are a number of young families that are looking for a place where they can find connection, relevance, and meaning. I think that our church and community can be that place.

I'm just hoping that I can learn to be the communicator of that vision that I was brought in to be, and that Christ can use me to do the things he's created me to do. On the journey...


Bettyanne said...

Wow thats something about all the young children in Grande Prairie.
Jeremy you will do just fine!
Trust in yourself and God will help you.

Love mom xoxoxo

Kim said...

Wish I could have been there! I look forward to seeing/being a part of what our chuch does - even if from far away!
And vision-casting is something to be learned. Stick with Alan and you'll probably pick up on the gift! (I'd love to learn this too!)