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Friday, April 21, 2006

Dash Incredible, Jesus, and Darth Vader

Tonight was a very good night for Youth Group. It was cool, rainy, and it was following a week where I think the students were penned up a little too much in school during a week that was stinking hot. The kids were buzzing tonight. They wouldn't stay quiet for more than 10 seconds, and a few of them were literally vibrating. We went out to a near-by schoolyard and played a Capture the Flag type of a game called Foliage. I'm not sure how they felt about the game, but I think they were just happy to be outside running around. After a little while, and after my team took a thorough beating because we were horribly outnumbered (but I'm not bitter about that) we played some Bucket Ball.

Our students really like the rough games for some reason. Tell them that they can tackle each other and they attack like rabid dogs. It's hilarious to watch, even though usually, someone always ends up getting hurt. One girl made the mistake of wearing flip flops on the wet grass and took a tumble. I think she'll be just fine though.

Just a thought about the rough nature of our students... One night we held a "Brute Squad" Challenge where we broke the kids up into teams and they had to decorate a "warrior" with a newspaper armour suit. They were also allowed to give their warrior a paper club if they wanted to. When the four warriors squared off they ran at each other and - instead of playing the game and using their paper clubs - they began throwing hay makers at each other. A couple of the guys got split lips from it. It was great.

You know, our Jr. High Youth Pastor (Rebecca) is an amazing girl. God has really gifted her in Youth work. She not only loves the kids, she's got an amazing sense of creativity. I am so glad that she is on staff alongside of me. If you ever get the chance to, send her an encouraging note, because I don't think she really knows just how valuable she is to our Youth Ministry, our church, and the Kingdom.

Well the Flames just won, and Jenn's telling me that she's thinking she could go to the hospital at any point now. Hopefully its tonight. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I'll post pictures as soon as I can, and don't worry. As soon as something happens, we'll make phone calls.


Desiree said...

I am so excited, I hope you had your little one by now. I am sure you have both waited long enough.

Bettyanne said...

Oh my am I excited!
I've been phoning forever tonight.
You must be at the hospital!
I didn't think it would hurt me so much thinking of my baby girl
having a baby.I hope its quick for her.
Love you guys!!
Love Mom xoxoxoxoxo