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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

an update - fo real yo...

you know, i admire those guys who have the ability to blog and update regularly. for the most part, i want to blog, i really do, but i suck at it. so maybe rather than coming up with something original i'll just post the odd thing that i come across. and if there's ever an original thought, maybe i'll add it somewhere...

saw this post from a pastor i met while i was in Calgary. funny enough, he was a friend's pastor when my friend lived in Yellowknife. yes, the Yellowknife in NWT. i enjoy his posts. moreso now that i know he's a fellow introvert who's forced to operate in a world full of extroverts who think you should be one too. hit up the link for a great 'top ten' list from someone who's learned a few lessons.

Ponder this...: Lessons from Chuck Swindoll

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