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Monday, April 13, 2009

dum dum...

do you remember way back to the great Hanna Barbera cartoon, "The Flintstones"?  i do.  it was a lunchtime staple for me while i was in jr high school.  well, today i was reminded of the character, The Great Gazoo

Fred and Barney would most often be trying to accomplish something, and they'd inevitably have to rely on Gazoo to help them out somehow.  Gazoo would only show himself to Fred and Barney, and usually not at the times when (they thought) he was most needed.  and he had a nickname for Fred and Barney - dum dums.

today i read a statement from Oswald Chambers, in his devotional My Utmost for His Highest.  it reads, 'you should never try seperate yourself from your burden'.  rather, you should 'deliberately place one end on God's shoulder' and 'place yourself there beside it'.  a reminder that not only should i be giving my stresses and my anxieties onto God, but also that should be turning myself over to Him too. 

what good is it if my burdens are on God but I am not?  i, and not the things that stress me out and make my stomach hurt, am the one in need of God's Grace.  i am the one in need of that Peace that goes beyond my understanding.  my 'burdens' about work, life, relationships, kids, etc are no good when they are not lived through while in the life God designs for us.  they can't be any good when they are not redeemed by Grace.

so i was reminded that i don't have to go through those stressful things by myself.  the phrase that came to mind as i was praying today - "you never have had to do it on your own dum dum". 

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