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Monday, October 20, 2008


it's a difficult thing to have sometimes, even when you know that the time that things take are for your own good. you're probably wondering what in the world i'm talking about at this point. i'm talking about fundraising. it's a long process, and for someone who likes to run ahead quickly with an idea when i get one it becomes difficult for me to wait patiently while things pan out. ultimately, i realize that the process that's been set out for me is with my best interests in mind. however, i can't help but feel an urgency to simply get things done.

i have an end goal of being able to work full time in youth ministry (at this point with Young Life as that's where God has lead my heart) and there are certain things that need to be in place in order for that to happen. the largest of those pieces being funding. it's an expensive thing to operate as a missionary in Canada, and i don't want to take that for granted nor do i want to be naive about it. the best option is to build up our funding base and move ahead as things are able. the trouble in my head is the amount of stuff i could be doing in the mean time, that i'm not able to because my time is being taken up by another occupation. time that (in my head i rationalize) could be spent building relationships, recruiting leaders and training, mentoring people along the road to Jesus, spreading the word about the much needed work of showing kids what Jesus is like, spreading the vision and growing the influence of our work in the community, praying for the needs of the students we come in contact with, building plans and outlines for activities that will help us communicate the Love and Mercy of an Excellent God who wants excellent things for his creation...

anywho, i have an urgency about all this. and sometimes it's difficult to be patient. even though you know the process set out before you is a good one, and it's in your best interest to wait.

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