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Monday, September 08, 2008

walking in the rain...

this afternoon made me think back to when Jenn and i were dating. we had the chance to join a couple from our congregation at the time to go down to Florida and spend a few days at DisneyWorld. it was a great opportunity to hang out as a young couple with an older couple that we cared for and knew cared for us. plus, it was DisneyWorld. you don't pass that up.

it was Jenn's first time visiting a Disney park, and i'd been to DW when i was 13 years old. my favorite memories are from traveling and experiencing the wonder that is Disney. first, traveling with my mom, brother, and grandparents. second, traveling there with my girlfriend. and later, going to DisneyLand in California with my wife to celebrate our honeymoon. and now, we dream of taking our children to visit Mickey, Buzz, and the crew.

while Jenn and i were in Florida all those years ago, we got caught in a rain storm. of course down in Florida, a rain shower is really more like a shower. the water is warm, and we got drenched. of course being canadians, we responded the only way we could. we played in the puddles, splashed around, and continued going on rides while the americans looked on with weird glances our way.

well, this afternoon we took the kids for a brief walk. brief because we got dumped on in a quick 15 minute shower. we were soaked from head to toe, but the kids were nice and dry in their chariot stroller. as Jenn and i laughed about the whole thing we thought back to our Disney experience, and now i'm hoping that when we do get the chance to take our kids down there, we all get the drenching of our lives.

i think that God gives us great memories like these to show us how much he lavishes His love upon us. i know there's people - kids especially - that long for memories like these, and adults to share them with. God willing, i look forward to continuing the work that i've been able to do in the past with kids, sharing memories of life and God, as i attempt over the next few months to return to formal youth ministry. if you know of anyone that can help move this work forward financially, allowing me to return to that work, please email me, and let's have a coffee.

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