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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

the latest, but not the greatest...

it appears that i haven't given an update recently, and everyone's (at least those who might actually read this blog, the one or two of you) probably wondering what's been happening with the mighty sbux. well, to make a long story short, i walked away from Starbucks last week. jaw-dropping, yes, but if you know me, you know it was for decent reason.

i was very excited to go and see my new store and the great work that my partners had done in getting everything ready to go. however, there was one great big ball that was dropped in the process. somewhere along the line, only 5 people (3 of which were part time) were sent over as dedicated staff to my store. generally 9 people are needed to run a day smoothly. of course, i wasn't overly enthused about this, but we soldiered on. during the next 6 days i was sick to my stomach (literally, i woke up vomiting 3 days) and by the end of day 5 i had already put in 50 hours and was looking at another 6 days before there was a chance of a day off. i barely had time to conduct 1 interview during the week as all of my time was spent on the floor serving customers. pile on top of that the fact that this was a new experience for me as a manager, in a new store, and it all adds up quickly.

i do feel like the situation i was put in was slightly unfair. however i have to say that my partners were amazing and they still are. people from other stores came over to help us out, and even in crisis situations made sure that the store was still running. Lea-Anna, the assistant manager at the store was absolutely amazing, and i think they should seriously just give her the management post i left.

my main reason for leaving though was that when i asked for help from my superior, i didn't get any. during our conversations i said that i needed help, and that more than just "more time and harder work" was going to be needed to get things up to speed. and the result was that no help was offered to us. under the circumstances, i knew that the store would be there and be successful in 6 months, i just wasn't sure i would be. so i walked away. it just wasn't going to be worth it for me to be chewed up over the whole scenario.

i still love what starbucks stands for and i'll continue to drink their coffee, i just won't be working with them right now.

and so i'm on the job hunt again here. i'm looking for some kind of administration type of job, preferrably. i can do the labour stuff if i need to, but i just haven't done it for the last 8 years. i'd like to find that great career fit, i'd like to be somewhere for a significant amount of time. conversely, if something came up ministry-wise, i'd take a serious look at it. as far as Young Life goes, if anyone's got 25,000$ they'd like to donate, i could get back at that right away.

God will provide, He always does, we just get to wait and see what He does in the mean time.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the world of corporations..they like the money coming out of the stores but have no clue how much effort we put into it to get the job done!! Same as where I work..I pull out over 12,000 dollars a week in sales and basically have only three of us to do all the work...I'm sure you will find a job more suited for you. It's hard to work hrs like that with a young family anyways...I'm sure there is something better out there for you!!

Desiree said...

It definitely sounds like you made the right choice for you. Something will come along. Wishing you luck on your job hunt...