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Monday, March 24, 2008

breaking... a little...

that's right. i'm taking a break. i'm taking some time away from full time ministry for a while. i don't feel like i'm finished, but i do feel like it's God's timing for a while.

for a variety of reasons (financial, fund-raising, operational timing, etc.) i'm going to be stopping my Young Life work for a time. i'll be getting a regular full time job somewhere (i have no idea where) and i'll be evaluating my fundraising strategy as i move ahead.

its a very odd thing to operate in missional work the way i have, and i'm grateful to YL for granting me the space to do it as long as they have over the past 10 months. i've pushed as far as i could, and now its time for me to stop, fundraise on the side and look at an appropriate time in the future when a nest egg is built up for me to make a return. i am definitely not discouraged as there's a plethora of opportunity in all of this to solidify the work of Young Life here in GP, however, it means a few changes along the way for me and my family.

i have (as i said before) no idea what i'm going to do. but God is good, and He will continue to provide for us as we move ahead. got any ideas of places i should apply?

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