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Monday, January 21, 2008

Luke 2...

that's what i'm reading right now. it stands out to me that twice in that chapter, it states that Mary "treasured all these things in her heart", and also twice, it states that as Jesus grew physically, he also grew in wisdom and stature in the community and with God.

first note: i wonder (and i can only wonder because i'm not a mother) just how often a mother's treasures can be found in her heart. if there's something i'm slowly learning about my wife, the quickest way to her is through her heart. for me it is the stomach or the ego, but for her, it's the heart.

second note: where there's growth, there's wisdom. it should be an obvious lesson, but i wonder what would happen if i spent time looking for God in looking for the wisdom of those growing. if someone seems to be growing, then they must be encountering God in some way, and there in turn must be something i can learn or experience about God.

its tough trying to follow God's leadings. He gives us the Holy Spirit, a valuable ally in this thing called life. but to be honest, sometimes i find it tough to clearly hear the whispers of the Spirit in my heart. sometimes i think i think too much, i'm too cerebral when it comes to my life with Jesus, and i over-analyze, and i over-contemplate, using the excuse that i'm 'wrapping my mind around it'.

my son has a habit when we pray at the dinner table. after we pray, while holding our hands, he will shout out "yay God!". it doesn't take a lot of analysis to know what's going on there. the simple praise of a little boy. i like that. perhaps some day something will click inside my head and i can be just that simple too. yay God!

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Chantal said...

"yay God"? hahaha that's fabulous! I love it! And I bet God loves it too!