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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i just have to share...

our work here in GP is going very well, and my partner-in-crime, Pete, and i are already starting to feel the heat of more work coming our way from the Lord. we've been blessed by an amazing summer of ministry as we joined 7 of our friends at two YoungLife camps this summer. to think that we've only been operating in GP for 8 months and we were able to go to camp with 7 students is just awesome!!

we were even more amazed that 3 of our friends made commitments to follow Christ with their lives! God's work is amazing, and we give Him all the credit for the work in the lives of these students. now, we get to start studying the Bible, and helping our new friends figure out how this life after Jesus works. these students will be the first of our 'campaigners' as we hope that they'll want to share about their relationships with God with more of their friends at school.

and i can't say enough about our adult support committee, the group of people who hold us accountable to what we do, and pray for us as we do it. it's so great to work with that group of people. Pete and i are constantly leaving meetings with them feeling like we're on cloud nine. God is so good, and we couldn't be more thankful for what he's doing right now.

on the home front, it looks like two major changes are on the way. in my last post i mentioned that jenn is pregnant, and we're very excited by that. these changes aren't nearly as big or exciting as that news. we've decided our dog, Lucy, needs a new home. we can't give her the attention she needs at this point, so we're offering her for free to a good home. we'll be very sad to see her go, but while expecting a new baby, living in an already too small home, and already not being able to give her enough time, it would be better for Lucy to go to a family or a couple that can give her more time than we can. Perhaps some day we can get another smaller, less energetic dog. nonetheless, Lucy will be missed when she goes.

also, it turns out we need a new furnace. we tried turning on the heat during a cook couple of days here in GP, and discovered it wasn't running. the guy that came and checked it out for us told us we needed to at least replace a very expensive part, if there weren't other issues to deal with. so we decided rather than a band-aid solution for a few years, we'll just replace it now, and recoup the cost when/if we ever sell our home. thankfully God's been providing for us through Jenn's saving. we had been planning a trip away sometime around christmas, and so we've got more than half the cost of the furnace saved up at this point. it'll be a quiet christmas at home and alone (which to be honest, i'm looking forward to), but we'll be spending it with the knowledge our furnace isn't dying anytime soon.

i'm trying to figure out how to put pics from facebook here, because i'm lazy and don't want to wrestle with code very much, any ideas from people out there on how to do this? i've seen it on a couple of other blogs, if it's simple enough, maybe i'll finally be able to post some pics from camp directly from there.

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