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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

headin' to rockridge...

well, we're off to rockridge camp tonight. i'm pretty pumped. this camp (read: resort) is designed to give the high school kids that i'll be working with the 'best week of their lives'. and from the pictures of this thing, it's going to be something else. we'll be going down to princeton, bc for the national young life conference. i guess this is their annual general meeting as well (non-profit societies in canada are required to hold an annual general meeting every year to deal with the 'business' of the society).

apparently people from all over the country who have some kind of interest vested in young life and the work of reaching high school student who don't know Christ will be there. i'm looking forward to meeting my new 'partners' in the mission and to finding out how they all tick. i have to admit, i'm a little nervous, but i'm very much looking forward to this. not to mention the week away from work and all the rush of daily life (recently things have been VERY busy) will be much worth it.

please pray for us while we're away. we're actually leaving tonight at 9pm and driving 12 hours through the night to get there a day early and enjoy the camp to ourselves. it'll be a great chance to explore and play in God's creation. i'll post again when we're back a week from now.

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