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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

some questions have come up...

so i want to clear up a couple of questions that i've had about younglife. younglife is a christian mission organization. they've been active in the u.s. since 1954 and have since then moved up to canada, and now operate in some 40 countries around the world.

younglife is a non-denominational organization, meaning that they are not (formally) connected or affiliated with any particular church. this lets younglife build partnerships with all christian churches, as it's the goal for kids to start a relationship with Jesus through younglife, and then be integrated into a church community. younglife is not a church, and therefore can't provide the maturing environment that an apprentice of Jesus needs to be in as they grow towards becoming who they were designed to be.

as far as how it works: well, let me tell you. there are 3 basic avenues that younglife pursues in mentoring kids towards relationship with Jesus. first, is the club. club is basically a gathering where (mostly) kids that do not follow Jesus will gather for times of games, singing, skits, and a short story of how Jesus wants to be in a relationship with them. club is a weekly get-together, and it's generally a great time of fun and bonding. the second avenue is called campaigners, and this is a group of kids who have a relationship with Jesus that get together for Bible study, planning the next club for their friends who don't know Jesus, and to talk about camp. camp is the third avenue. every summer, thousands of kids converge on younglife's premiere camp facility just outside of princeton bc (rockridge canyon). and when i say premiere, i mean it. this camp guarantees kids the best week of their lives, or their money back.

as far as how i'm paid to do this, well, i'm a missionary choosing to give my life up to seeing this happen. i will be asking friends and family to donate financially to the mission of younglife and to the work of seeing high school kids' lives changed for eternity. my salary will come out of that fundraising. but more importantly, the donations are going directly to work with kids, and as a result there will literally be thousands of lives changed for eternity. lives that will carry an impact in their worlds both locally and globally. this is no small task that we are carrying out, and so we will be seeking out help from as many people as we can. its our goal to see scores upon scores of teenagers raised up to do great things for the kingdom of God and for the world.

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