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Sunday, April 08, 2007

resurrection sunday...

it's a great day. the sun is shining. i just ate two ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. in about 30 minutes (provided Gray wakes up by then) we'll be headed over to the family of some friends' for a big easter dinner. i will eat, chat, probably laugh a few times, and come home ready to fall on my bed and sleep for a very long time.

today is resurrection sunday. today is the celebratory day reminiscent of Jesus being raised from the dead, and the disciples finding the tomb empty. the message at worship this morning was about Jesus being the light of the world, and reflecting on how the 'light' was perceived by Jews when Jesus made the statement (it was during the feast of the tabernacles). sometimes i think i'm a little like the religious leaders around Jesus at the time - focused on the wrong thing.

the other day was Good Friday. and while sitting (actually i was walking around with Gray because we both have the attention span of a gnat) i couldn't help but find myself complaining about the service. it was a city-wide united service, where all the churches gathered to celebrate together. my problem was that there was a lot of stuff that just didn't make sense why it was there, and the message would have been great if it had actually been from the Bible. then again, i think i missed the point. this whole weekend is about Jesus. it's about the redeeming/buying-back work that God initiated even though i am a man of sin (evil thoughts and actions). it's not about whether or not the worship of Jesus makes sense.

in the letter written to the corinthian church, paul says that the wisdom of God seems like foolishness to man. well, if God operates on a different level than i do, i'd probably do better to watch, and listen, and pray. kinda like what Jesus told the disciples to do when he was praying on the night he was arrested. watch and pray, that you might not sin. hmm, kinda makes sense - now.


Kim said...

i miss messages from the bible! i get the great themes of the vineyard church! -K

Jeremy said...

yes, well, we are spoiled by alan's preaching.