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Friday, April 13, 2007

a blessing we didn't know we needed...

these things just happen when you're living life with God. it's awesome, weird, encouraging, and challenging all at the same time. one of the challenges of trying to live a 'simple' life (meaning i'm cheap and i try to be the best steward of what i've got) has meant that up until now, Jenn and i have only had one vehicle. we haven't wanted to take on the extra expenses (as little as they might be) of a second vehicle. things are tight enough on the salary that i make, and i like being in a position of being able to give to needs that come up, because the Kingdom advances as they're provided.

the consequences of this have meant that Jenn's been 'stuck' at home a lot of the time because i've had the car, running around God's green earth doing this and that, meeting with kids and people and working and ministering. if i could, i would give up my car for her, so that she doesn't have to rely on me being around just to go pick up a jug of milk and some eggs. Jenn's been unable to just go to the pool when she wants to or go run errands through the day. it's been nice too, though, because i've got a flexible enough schedule that i've been able to take time through the days to go and be with my and son to do various things as they've come up. now though, it looks as though this may be changing.

we've got a great community around us here in gp, and our friends (who we're coming to love more and more) have decided to pray for us, and specifically for a second vehicle for us, for Jenn. last night (while the prayers were unknown to me) my wife received a phone call with an offer of a mini-van, for the great sum of $1. not even a US dollar, a canadian one.

you know, i've heard stories of this happening to people, and to be honest i've always been a little skeptical, but there's been an issue of pride in my heart. my default thinking has been 'well they must've needed it more than me, because look, i don't need a one dollar car.' i've prided myself on providing for my family and the needs around me. and now that i've been given this car, i'm being humbled. it's uncomfortable. the enemy tries to make me feel like i don't do a good enough job on my own that someone else has to step in and do this for us.

God is much bigger than i am. His grace and His mercy are everlasting. His plans are good. and thankfully, He loves me, my wife, and my child more than i do. so we'll see how this whole thing goes. i pray that someday i can pass the blessing on to someone else who needs a $1 car. and i hope that i never forget just how big God is, and just how small (but REALLY important to Him) i am...

and now it looks like my wife gets her own vehicle (even if for a short time, i don't know what God's plans are). and that makes my heart glad. enjoy it my dear, you most of all, deserve it.


Fred said...

That's wonderful. I know I love to surprise my kids with the occassional demonstration of lavish giving...so why wouldn't God. "How great is the Father's love that he lavishes on us..."

Kim said...

i'm so glad she get's to soccer mom it! what a blessing! -K