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Thursday, April 12, 2007

another busy bunch o'days...

that's right, the fun just never seems to end around here. today is my fun day, as i'll be heading over to watch the Calgary Flames begin their epic cup run and eat many a chicken wing while hangin with my lifegroup guys. then tomorrow and saturday is the World Vision 30 Hr Famine. we'll be taking part with 7 other church groups from around gp and some kids from the high schools, teaching them what life is like for kids in africa, all the while raising money to go towards some important work.

sunday will actually be not that bad, as i won't have youth group that night (because of the 30 Hr Famine). and then on Monday morning myself and 4 other youth guys from gp will get on a plane and fly to Los Angeles. we'll grab a minivan rental and drive across the border into Mexico where we'll find our way to meet a mission group that we're considering for future trips with kids. we'll stay with them and check out a few of their projects on tuesday and wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon it's back across the border to grab a hotel room late wednesday night, and we're back on the plane to come home early thursday morning.

i'll be back working all day friday preparing for a youth worship event we hold once a month called The Well, and then i'm thinking saturday will be a good day to just sleep - and maybe spend some time with my wife and son. it's going to be very busy, but i'll blog if i get the chance to along the way.

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