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Monday, September 18, 2006

a new year begins...

well, a new year has begun for our sr high youth group. as i sat in our church's fellowship hall waiting and praying as the students arrived, i was astonished. they just kept coming. all 18 of them. i know this number may not sound very big, but it's big to me. and it means a lot to me that 18 of them gathered for fellowship, worship, play, and to hear what God is going to do with our little group in the coming year.

i feel blessed to work with this group of students, and i feel like this whole year is going to be a giant experiment when it comes to ministry. doing things like working more with leaders than students is still a bit of a foreign concept to me, but i know it's the only way this whole thing (youth and young adult) is going to fly. and God keeps bringing them. yesterday i had 3 girls come up to me and ask if we could start a college and career night. each of them were on my "hit list" for me to approach them and see if they were interested in doing this college and career thing.

our worship minister just came into my office and mentioned that he got a phone call regarding an idea for a worship event that we're working on. it was a guy who wants to help get something like this rolling. he didn't even know we were already working and praying along these lines. God is working, fast, and i hope we can keep up.

and i just have to say that my son is such a bright spot right now. it's so cool to watch him grow and laugh and grab and smile and play. he's awesome.

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