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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

camp is coming

here's a picture i found online today. i think it's great, because it's probably more true than i realize.

if you can't read the caption it says, "I feel closer to God with my horse... than I do at church."

that's right, camp is coming up soon. the end of june to be exact. we'll be taking our sr. high students to jarvis lake, near hinton. they've been many times but this will be my first time going. i'm kinda nervous about the whole thing, on a number of fronts. the kitchen trailer we had booked has now fallen through because the company double-booked it on us. and we're still looking for a cook for the camp. i'm not sure how the food stuff all will work. there's a lot of details to get hammered down, and this is my first camp planning solo. so i'm nervous.

i know that God provides, but for some reason its tough for me to hold on to the peace that comes from knowing that. i think it has to do with the control thing. i like to be in charge, and i especially like to have my plan figured out. it'll get easier the more i do this kind of thing, and the more experience i have. but it's still hard. fortunately i have a great group of people joining me. including a father of students in our group who is just amazing when it comes to this kind of thing. his support has been amazing.

and besides, bill will be there. bill is one of my favorite people in the entire world. his love for God and students is unmatched by anyone i know. he's passionate about God and life, and he's got to be one of the most honest speakers i've ever heard. he just tells it like it is and that's that. i can't wait. so i guess i'm not just nervous. i'm excited too.


Kim said...

I love postsecret.com

Kim said...

and camp will be really good. with the kids we have I'd expect to have a really fun, unpredictable week(s).
I'm sure the kids will love your spin on camp!

Desiree said...

You were right when you said God will provide. It will all work out but I know how it is to like to have things all planned out and be in control. Just hang in there.