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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where do we go from here?

Today was a day of talking. There was talking in our staff meeting. There was talking over tacos at Taco Time. There was talking during an impromptu video recording time for Studio Y? (Check out my church's website for info this unique multi-media ministry to children and their families). And there was talking with students at a worship team practise. There was a lot of talking, but not a lot of sitting and working.

Every now and then I'll have a day where it seems that I move from one conversation to another. I like those days, but they also frustrate me. I feel like I'm being interrupted all the time. But it got me to thinking about an article I read about 4 years ago. It was about a college professor who was constantly being interrupted by students looking for his attention and advice. As he was complaining about this to his secretary, she remarked that sometimes his job was the interruptions.

It's a profound thing, but I think sometimes not only is my job the interruptions, but I think God intends us to live in the interruptions. The normal life isn't so much going about trying to get things done. While getting things done is a good thing, it's not always the most important thing. God puts us in certain places at certain times for certain reasons, and when we get "interrupted" often we miss the opportunity that we've just been presented with.

You know our church is preparing for some big changes here in the near future. We're beginning to look at some of our options as far as expanding our building on-site or building a new building and relocating to a new address. The biggest reason for this expansion is that our children's ministry is bursting at the seams. We live in a city where there are more children under the age of five per capita than anywhere else in the country (just a stat I'd heard, I don't know if it's actually true - but it's compelling nonetheless). One thing's for sure about our church: Pregnancy seems to be contagious right now. My wife's not the only one. Everywhere you look there's another woman with another growing belly.

As we look at these questions we're being faced with asking the questions that deal with things like interruptions in our daily lives. I think God is asking us to change the ways in which we minister to people and help them to mature into the people that God has designed them to be. I'm not sure what it looks like yet, but I'll bet it's got a lot of interruptions.


Kim said...

the people in our church are baby-making machines! seriously.

Desiree said...

I seriously couldn't believe all of the growing bellies or new babies I saw while we were up there visiting, it's crazy!

Desiree said...

I seriously couldn't believe all of the growing bellies or new babies I saw while we were up there visiting, it's crazy!

Bettyanne said...

Jeremy your an awesome son in law!your about to have the best interuption in your life!
Love you
Love Mom