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Monday, April 17, 2006

Well, I'm on here now...

Well, let's see if I can put this right without sounding like I'm complaining, because really, it's a good thing. My wife started doing this blogging thing, and she wants to see what kind of stuff I write about online, only, she can't see it because she's not on MySpace. So... I decided I would abandon the MySpace thing today and try setting something up on here now.

She's sitting next to me saying how much she wants to just go to the hospital already. You see she's pregnant, and she's due this week. I think she's ready for the baby to arrive. To be honest, I think I am too. I'm ready to see what this fatherhood stuff is all about. I'm not sure about it all, I know I'm going to be a father - but the idea of being a Dad is an interesting one. I don't know how it's all gonna work out, but I guess it will.

So what's this blog going to be about??? Who knows, I'm not even sure I'll keep it up everyday. But I guess we'll wait and see. Talk to you later. And in case I don't see you - Good Day, Good Evening, and Good Night.


QJB' said...

Congrats! I pray God's guidance in your perenthood :)

GP Jenn said...

Well my love I'm happy you've joined the "club". I always enjoy your writing. Love you

Kim said...

Oh I laugh at you. But I congratulate either you (or your wife) in figuring out how to change both of your templates! Your bio is a little wonky - you gotta change the parameters of your body and sidebar. (insert mocking laughter here). I'm waiting for a phone call!

Desiree said...

You know you have nine months to prepare to be a parent but you are really never ready. But once that baby comes, you somehow find out how to do what you need to, and you and Jenn will the amazing parents. Good luck! Welcome to the blogging world.

Bettyanne said...

Hi bud
Jenny cracks me up!
She's your biggest fan!
You will be a great dad!
The true key to raising a child is too know you can never give too much love!And to have God in your lives.Hey you'll have this dad thing down pat!!Haha
Look at Jiri & Jenn raised the same but oh so different.Zach is so much like Jenn.
I know you'll do well.
Love you
Love Mom xoxoxo