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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Guns, Money, and Russians

So it has now come and gone. Soviet Persecution was a H-U-G-E success. I'd never played the game before, so I wanted to just be able to watch how the game progressed and what to do with the timing and that. The kids loved the game, and the leaders came out and stepped up in BIG way.

I've been so blessed to have such a mature group of leaders. It becomes more and more obvious that our students are surrounded by people who love them with every event that we do. We also had a number of people from our church who came out to help us with this event because they love to do it so much.

Jenn still hasn't had the baby yet, but at least we know for sure now that it's going to be here next week. It's a little easier to plan things like work and when to take time off when you know for sure what's going on. Well, I'll post more later, but it'll be after the baby is born. Later.

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