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Friday, September 30, 2011

another review…

pujols cover

so i was given a copy of this book from Booksneeze for free, and in exchange i told them i would offer a review.  this is the review. 

this is a well written story that shows some of the adversity that albert pujols has had to go through in becoming one of Major League of Baseball’s premier players.  it does a decent job of communicating some of the faith journey that he’s had and some of the issues that he’s faced which have helped to shape who he is.

while i appreciate the impact on the game that he’s had (especially over the last few years as he’s kept up in his consistent play), i couldn’t quite get over the timing of this book’s release.  it “just happened” to come out right in the midst of his contract re-negotiations and i couldn’t help but wonder whether it was part of a larger marketing ploy to play into his contract talks.  whether it was or not, it’s a decently written biography.

nothing major was in here, meaning i wasn’t neccesarily surprised by anything, and that also means i didn’t really learn anything either.  to be honest, i was left feeling kinda “ho hum” after reading it.

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