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Monday, February 21, 2011

Paws & Tales Blog Tour


welcome!  this is day one of the Paws & Tales: God Cares for You blog tour.  i’m glad to be part of this, and i hope that my (& my oldest son’s) review helps you here.

i was sent a free copy of this dvd from Tyndale in exchange of an honest review, meaning i get to say what i want about it.

now that that’s taken care of: Grayson (oldest son) really enjoyed the video.  he’s a fairly discerning 4 year old who definitely lets his opinion of what he likes and dislikes be known.  we watched the first episode on the dvd – “The Good Shepherd” (link goes to the trailer on Youtube) – and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  he wanted to watch it again, which i think says enough about it. 

when i asked him what he learned from it, he told me that “its really important to take good care of other people’s things, and that Jesus takes really good care of us”.  his favourite character was the shepherd dog, and he was able to sit through the whole thing, and then he asked if he could watch more!  i’d be glad to let him watch the whole series.

i personally thought the video was put together relatively well.  be warned though, the animation will take a little getting used to for the 80’s cartoon generation.  the wide-eyed look of the characters at first reminds me of a deer caught in the headlights.  the animation could definitely use some improvement (too bad we still have yet to say that a christian company has put out a product that blows away its competition) in my mind, but my son didn’t seem to mind.  the content was there, and if you can hold my 4 year old’s attention, then you’ve got mine.  the content and storyline were there, and i was impressed by the simplicity of the message.

for more info on the series check the Paws & Tales website, which has some great content on it, and you can always check out Tyndale too.

* i have a gift certificate for a free copy of this dvd to give away.  if you’d like it, i’ll send it to the first person to tweet me (@gpyouthguy) via twitter and say “I want the Paws & Tales DVD!!!”  I’ll respond to the winner and send you a free gift certificate.

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