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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

2 tools i'm finding i can't live without...

as i live a fair ways up north (not the Tundra, mind you, but north) and i have to wait a couple of extra days for things like ANYTHING DELIVERED BY CANADA POST, i've been finding myself thinking lately about a couple of tools that i have around that i just couldn't live without.

first, my Leatherman Micra. it's tiny, and instead of the pliers it has scissors. i used to carry a Swiss Army camping knife, but i found it was a little too bulky for my pocket. and when it came time to get myself a new pocket-knife, this one won out BIG TIME. the scissors are very sturdy, very capable, and i find myself looking for opportunities to take it out of my pocket and save the day around the house.

next, is another Leatherman. this time, the SuperTool. and i have a story about this one. a close friend of mine and i were getting ready for the hunting season, and i mentioned it would be great to have a multitool that i could take with me. it turns out he had a second one that he'd bought something like 15 or more years ago and wasn't using anymore. it was an original SuperTool. i used it all summer long at our Camp and i was hooked. it had everything i needed and more and it wasn't going to leave my side. then i took it on my hunting trip, and i wasn't disappointed. again, i found myself eager to take it out and use it. it was extremely useful.

the only problem i had with it was the locking mechanism had broken, and the wire cutters had gotten bent over making it difficult to open the tool with one hand. so i went onto the Leatherman website and discovered their great 25 year warranty. just mail the tool away (insured of course) and they'll either fix it or replace it. so i mailed it away and waited. then one day about 6 weeks later i got a package in the mail. i started ripping away at it, eager to get my SuperTool back, and man was i surprised!

they didn't fix the tool, they gave me a brand new one! So now I get to start over with a brand new SuperTool 300, and this thing is excellent. I carry it with me everywhere i go, and my kids even love to take it out and handle it (with Dad's supervision).

so there you have it. 2 tools i can't live without. and now if only Canada Post would hurry up and deliver my books.

* Leatherman did not pay me for this post. I'm simply posting about a couple of tools that I love having with me.

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