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Saturday, April 04, 2009

i just did my taxes...

and i sure hope i didn't screw anything up.  according to ufile, i should be getting back a hefty return, which is kinda nice since last year was a financially difficult one for us. 

this is not to say that God hasn't been good to us, He certainly has been, but last year was difficult.  Lord willing, this year will be better, and more financially stable than last year was.  it's interesting to see what God has done in providing for our needs over the last year.  i hope that we can remain faithful to the work that God has done in us as we move forward.

isn't it something how tied our hearts are to money.  it's a subject that Jesus addresses in the New Testament second only to the Kingdom.  there is something unique about money in the way that it ties us up, emotionally as well as in other ways, making us always wanting more.  God's goodness goes beyond though, and His Grace breaks through offering freedom from those ties.

i hope that i can actually live that way.  we'll see.

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