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Saturday, August 30, 2008

a brief update...

well, as the two or three of you who actually read this blog are aware, i'm not great at keeping it updated. however, a few notable things have happened over the last couple of weeks. we went to PEI and had a great time away. 10 days of no worrying about this or that were greatly needed and the timing couldn't have been better. after we returned, i had about a week of more job hunting and then a couple interviews came up.

i had found out about a possible position working for the city at a local hockey arena. it's not a big operation, just a single sheet of ice and a couple of meeting rooms. the position would be as an arena attendant, doing everything from basic custodial/cleaning to driving the zamboni. it sounded like a neat experience to at least try out, so i expressed some interest in it.

i also had an interview with the GP Victims' Services Unit, working alongside the RCMP as a volunteer co-ordinator. the position involved recruiting, training, scheduling, and debriefing the volunteers of the Victims' Services Team, public education about the work of being with victims of crime and tragedy, and direct client work. it's alot like some of the work i'd done in the past, only outside the church, so i looked into it as well.

i ended up being offered both positions, and so i began praying about which direction i needed to go in. and the basic question that i needed to answer was this, "do i want to go back into youth ministry? if so, which job will allow me to do that?" i still don't feel like my youth ministry or at least my ministry career is finished yet, and so i decided that i'd need something that would let me at least feed that passion of my life.

i decided to take the position at the hockey arena. with the way the city pays, i can make enough money to cover all of our bills, and put in less time. the victims' services work would have taken up all of my time as it included on-call time, and some pretty wonky shifts. working for the city may involve a few evenings, and i will be able to pick up a few shifts here and there to make a little extra, but the most important part here is that i'll have more time.

time to spend with my family. time to let Jenn do what she loves to do. and time to work back to a ministry position, preferrably a youth ministry position. whether it's working with a church or if it's working back with Young Life, i'm going to need time to work through that process. there's unfinished work out there for me to do. i just need to figure out where God's doing it already and go there too. in the mean time, i'll learn a few new skills and drive a zamboni, and mop a few floors, and clean a few toilets.

i'm excited to see where things go. i'm praying that things become clear as i wait patiently for what God has ahead, and i know that His intentions are for nothing but the best for me and for my family. so, that's it - my (not so) brief update.

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Reverend Joyleaf said...

We are all in ministry, if we chose to be. A pay check doesn't have to come from a church in order for someone to be considered a minister.

Maybe God has something in store for you outside of the church. Seize the opportunity to be part of God's work wherever that may be. God doesn't just work within a church or youth ministry. He provides opportunities around every corner.

Working for the city is probably a good move if it will pay enough for you to sufficiently pay the bills and not completely consume your life/time. And who knows who you'll meet in the process.

Glad to have an update. I don't check in often but when I do I'm always glad to read about what's going on.

I miss the times we hung out and the conversations we had.