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Thursday, December 13, 2007

God-talk, in a coffee shop, in Leduc...

that's right, the thriving metropolis of Leduc, Alberta, Canada. i'm sitting in a coffee shop following a day of practicum training (required for my role with Young Life) in Edmonton after my friends from Calgary dropped me off on their drive back to Calgary. anywho, on to the discussion.

there's a group of six girls, high school-aged i think, and they're discussion is all about God, and the work that He's doing in their lives. the little coffee shop is filled with people who can easily hear the group of girls talking about life, boys, and the book they're reading. they're very open about what God is doing, and what they think about God, and they're excited about life and the things happening around them. as i sit here listening to them, i can't help but think to myself, "somebody HAS to be investing in their lives in a way that they're finding connects them to the person of God, and to His purposes for life".

most of the kids i come across don't have this kind of attitude towards God, let alone life. most of the kids i come across are much more negative than these girls sound, and most of them have good reason to be just that. who is the person that has invested in these girls? who are the people that have shared God's purposes for them, making them interested enough to get together and actually talk in public about what He's doing in their lives?

my training from the "seasoned" vets with Young Life shared about our work in making disciples, teaching kids to be (the young life term) "Campaigners" and to share their faith with their friends. this aspect of our mission-work is the most crucial in my mind. how we (leaders in the church) model our lives for the kids around us will greatly affect the growth of the church and the work that is done in the future. as the photo in my blogger profile says, "we are here to clear the path for the children that follow behind".

the most impacting people in my life (so far) have been people that spent time with me, spoke the Word and work of God into me, and told me that I had something to offer God and the world while i was a teenager.

i've been reminded once again of how crucial the work i do is. i get to be part of changing entire family trees because of the time i spend talking to a teenager. i don't understand it, but somehow i gather the sense that God is working miracles amongst teenagers. who will step up and be the voices that speak the Truth of God into their lives, and ultimately rescue them?

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I can't believe you were eavesdropping!