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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


well, it's done. DtP was a huge success this year. we had over 600 registered for the whole weekend (including 490 kids) and there were over 900 at the thousand foot krutch concert on saturday. i lived at the arena where we held the concert all weekend. *note: walking around on concrete floors for 18 hours a day doesn't feel very good after the 2nd full day.

i think i saw my youth group 4 times during the entire weekend, but man my youth leaders rocked!!! they took such good care of the kids and i didn't have to worry at all about the kids or the leaders. i thank God for the help that He gave me in the form of those leaders. they were amazing and they allowed me to focus on getting the facility stuff taken care of.

on another note, i think i'm screwed. i don't think i'll ever see another friday night event as long as i'm helping lead DtP. things went so well i think a few of the other guys are scared of concerts now. God is good. i'll try to have pics up in the next few days.

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