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Friday, October 27, 2006

i'm linkable...

i've just discovered that i'm linkable. let me explain. i know my wife linked to this blog from hers, and i'm good with that, in fact, she's the one person that i'll link to from my blog because that i won't offend somebody because i met them once and they thought that our encounter warranted me linking my blog with their's. but, i've discovered a number of people outside of my normal social circles that have linked to my blog, and i'm kind of impressed with that. they like me, they really like me...

on another note, we're down to the last week of preparation before DtP. you probably won't hear a whole lot from me until that's finished, but i'll try and come back with focus and intensity (ht to joe) and a few pics of the whole event.

please continue to pray for this conference, the kids and leaders attending, the speaker, the bands, and the details. also continue to pray for my church as we head towards the decisions about building and direction and stuff, and for the staff of our church - they're all great people who just want to serve God and the Church.

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