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Friday, May 12, 2006

rain, and a blowout too

well, we lost. it was a hammering of 32-1 for the other guys. i was so thankful for our team though. they were very high-spirited through the whole thing, and they didn't seem to care that we were getting beat that bad. to be honest, by the end of the game, it looked like we could've really mustered something together. there was a little confusion at the beginning though, because people were making substitutions for others and not saying who they were subbing in for, and then our line-up was getting jumbled and all that. it was partly on me though, cause i should've explained myself better.

all in all though it was a good night. i'm looking forward to next week's game. i think we'll see if we can get a practise in too. it would help with some of the lesser experienced players that we have.

tomorrow my church is hosting a garage sale/car wash/bbq. the garage sale is being put on for our camp, and the car wash/bbq is being put on for our youth ministry. we're looking to raise some funds towards our programming for the fall. i love how active our church is, and it is very active. hardly a day goes by where there isn't something going on in or around our building, not to mention all the off-site stuff that's happening. hopefully we can take a little downtime soon here though.

i think sometimes we get too busy for our own good. it distracts us from what we're really here to do. its good that we're so willing to do so many things, but i wonder if we're putting too much pressure on our people with so much going on...

that being said, there's going to be some downtime tomorrow if this rain doesn't let up. it's coming down pretty good right now. environment canada says +15 tomorrow. we know they're always right when it comes to "predicting" the weather.

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