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Friday, May 26, 2006

practising presence

so here i am at work. wondering how the heck we're going to get 20-30 kids and leaders from GP to hinton for a camp that i've never run before, let alone have no idea how to work from day to day. and i am meeting with God. in the midst of sitting here, and making phone calls and waiting for phone lines to open up (it's a busy day at the office) i can't help but get the feeling that God is here.

i've been trying to focus more on God's presence. the result of my looking into how i can bring a more contemplative approach to my ministry. the last couple of weeks i've stopped more, focused more, listened more to what's going on around me. it still irks me how busy my life is, and how much expectation i feel. but at the same time, i feel freer now to not pay as much attention to it all. time with God is much more refreshing.

i just read about something that happened to a friend of mine in fort saint john before she left. she's one of a few people who can tell me she wasa hit on by a carnie and i'd believe it.

funny how God brings humour to my life.

also, pray for me. pray for motivation as the summer fever starts to set in, and pray for focus and vision as i walk into times i've never had to walk in before.


Fred said...

calendars and busyness are one of those hard to deal with things in life, like people who own cars but need driving lessons...so I remember this: that when Jesus was on the cross he said 'it is finished'...but was it? I mean did he heal everyone, visit every town, touch every soul? Nope. So if Jesus could leave much undone and say it is finished, why do we have to try and do what Jesus did not try and do? - just a thought -

ally said...

hey Jeremy...Pray Hard...I'll join ya. Hope all is well.

Charmaine said...

hey jeremy;
I am so proud of who you have become! Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will continue to grow in Him and do what He has intended for you.

Missed you at YC. It was Bob's and my first year and we loved it. Can't wait until next year.
16,000 people praising God or being introduced to God for the 1st time. It was amazing.