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Monday, May 08, 2006

Changing Views

Well, here's a great picture of my son. It's one of the very few we've been able to snag while he's been awake. The little moose sleeps so much, Jenn's actually having to wake him up just to get food into him. I guess we're pretty blessed though. At least he's not up crying non-stop. And at least Jenn can get some sleep at night.

Tonight I read an interesting statement. "Freedom for humanity is the capacity not to sin and should not be understood as the morally unqualified faculty to do one or the other." (Neil Anderson) It got me to thinking... I tend to view my freedom in Christ as my ability to choose. I can choose to live with a certain attitude. I can choose to eat my French Toast with ketchup. I can choose whether or not I am going to indulge the evil thoughts and actions in my life (sin).

Jesus doesn't just give us the freedom to choose. And I forget that. I make life about the choice. Jesus makes it about the ability to simply not go there. You know, my mind likes processes. I see things happening and I want to change the way they flow, make them work better or just plain differently. I want to change and control what happens and when. Living Jesus-style isn't about the choices, it's about the stuff choices are made of... If any of that makes sense...


Desiree said...

Babies do tend to sleep alot as newborns, hopefully he will continue to be a good sleeper. Enjoy him, he is so precious.

Miranda said...

I am so glad that you have a good baby. I hope ours is as good, as our first was a constant crier.